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Motware allows you to monitor and test all the hardware parameters in your devices. With the flexibility to build your own test according to parameters that matter to you has never been easier. With a breadth of devices already tested upon, this app will reduce the time taken for each test performed and optimize the reporting workflow.

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Who We Are?

Innovation backed by Experience

A custmonizable end to end solution for tracking reports from all your monitoring equipments.

Motware is a SaaS based platform for field asset condition monitoring focused on capturing & analyzing testing data through online and offline tests. Collecting data digitally from routine tests conducted on field assets, Motware provides insights, alerts and notifications for pre-defined rules to keep you informed of your assets’ performance. Furthermore, Motware enables you to use analytical tools to proactively manage your maintenance cycle and predict the performance of your asset to extending its’ operating life, reducing total cost of ownership and providing better uptime & reliability.

Motware is supportedby The Motwane Manufacturing Company and backed with its’ deep knowledge& experience,acquired over three decades,of leading the electrical test and measurement industry. Motwane was established in 1909 and has been uniquely built on a strong foundation of indigenous research, design and manufacturing.Motwane has a strong legacy of using frugal engineering techniques to build robust products for harsh and varied Indian climatic conditions – from dry & arid to wet & humid.

One-Click Report for an Asset or Test

Quickly generate a report for an Asset or Test to analyze performance and share via email or download locally

Web-based & Real-time

Access the platform and keep track of your assets by logging into the web application or Android based mobile & tablet application

Notifications & Alerts

Stay on top of your assets’ performance with notifications & alerts via SMS or email when a test fails, when comparing to user-defined permissible limits or pre-set IEC/IS standards

Manage All Your Testing Schedule

Set a testing schedule for your assets and be notified of Upcoming tests or Pending tests to proactively manage your testing cycle

Analytics & MIS

Dig deeper into testing data to turn insights into action and download reports for offline monitoring

Accurate, Secure & Easy Data Entry

Easily and quickly capturevariety of testing data for field asset tests conducted securely and accurately to eliminate data manipulation. Motware is highly effective for electrical/non-electrical tests as well as electrical/electro-mechanical systems

Benefits of using Motware


Conveniently and accurately analyze the testing data to focus on solving problems by digging deeper into the performance of your equipment

Time Saving & Accurate

Allow engineers to focus on being engineers (problem solvers) instead of being data entry & reporting generalists; reduce time to create a report by over 80% and provide

One-Click Historical Data

Easily and conveniently access historical testing data for an Asset or specific Test conducted to better evaluate assets and gain a deeper understanding of current test values

Report-to-Invoice Cash Cycle

Quickly generate a report to share with end-customers to reduce Report-to-Invoice cycle, greatly improving cash flow and your ability to invoice end-customers

Single platform across organization and functions

A single platform and reporting format for distributing data across your functional teams to ensure greater collaboration and standardizing your asset performance data

Asset Health, Performance & Longevity

Use data to better manage the maintenance, performance and life of your assets – to help control your financials as well

Motware offers a complete set of functionalities that will make  tracking data generated from your deployed assets easy and safe.

The platform has undergone vigorous testing both for the variety of assets that can be integrated but also the flexibility and ease of use. It has been thoroughly tested in live environments. It leverages technology to bring about a synergy between assets and the reports generated by them.

Data Entry, reports & rules

Easily and quickly enter testing data and generate reports with test outcome feedback based on user-defined rules

Scheduled reports& sharing reports

Use our timed services to get pre-selected reports in your inbox at the frequency you want; share test reports with up to 5 recipients, reducing your time spent creating test report

Analytics & MIS

Dig deeper into testing data to turn insights into action

Web & Mobile App

Access the platform and keep track of your assets via our web application as well as our Android based mobile application

Security & Availability (AWS & Encrypted messages)

The application utilizes Amazon Web Services servers to host the application, providing you with a reliable and secure global computing infrastructure

Notifications & Alerts

Stay on top of your assets’ performance with notifications & alerts via SMS or email when a test fails.

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